Saturday, April 25, 2009

to my surprise.

i received a message in my flickr account a few weeks back from a sweet gal who works for Schmap Guides (a digital travel guide site) that one of my photos from our trip to venice was being considered for their venice guide! how fun is that?! she wrote in her first message that i would hear within a few weeks if they decided to choose mine or someone else's. well...i had another message in my box this morning and (to my surprise!) they chose mine! it's a photo that i took of the basilica san marco (such a beautiful place). i added the widget to my blog (to the left) and you can see the photo if you click on the link when the basilico san marco page comes up. or just go here:


Fredrik said...

to my surprise they didnt ask for more of your photos! By the way, I loved your photos that came in the mail the other day. You should pick up your card-selling business!

CaraBella said...

Congrats :)! I popped over here from Heather at We Met in a Bar, and your etsy shop is so cute! And your blog looks darling, I can't wait to scope out more :)