Thursday, April 2, 2009

svensk latbröd.

as much as i bake, i don't bake every day BREAD that often. i thought i would give it another whirl this morning. this was a simple recipe from a swedish website, and it was precisely what i was looking to make. shortly after i got started, 2 men came to our apartment for a "ventilation check" in our kitchen. there i was, standing in my grey sweatpants and fleece pullover, my hair in a messy pony, looking like a desperate housewife in desperate need of a makeover. i stepped to the side and fred and these 2 big men stood in our bite-size kitchen. 15 minutes later i was back to my big bowl of bread-making ingredients. i forgot how much flour i had added to the bowl already, so when i finally added the water, i knew i hadn't added all the flour i was supposed to. long story short, i kept adding flour until the dough felt "right" (like i have made enough bread in my day to know what is "right"). i did my best, let the bread rise for an hour (and boy did it!) and then again for another hour after i punch a hole in it (it rose again, even more than the first time). i divided it between my two bread pans, let it rise for about 30 minutes, and tossed them both in the oven...only to watch the miracle of home-made bread come to life just over an hour later. say hello to "tomorrow morning's breakfast" :)


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They look prefect! I want to try your recipe, which website did you use?