Saturday, April 4, 2009

spring things.

went to the opening of the new IKEA today in uppsala (the new one is 3xs as big as the old one, directly across the street and soon to be closing) and bought a few small things to welcome in a super sunny swedish spring. we were looking specifically for vases for the wedding table decorations (which i think we decided on, but will purchase later) and also for a small sideboard to go under our TV once we mount in on the wall. we are trying to decide between 3 different ones. anyhoo! i've been pining for a few new mixing bowls, so my sweet swede fred bought these blue and white ones for me in 2 different sizes. i have a huge crush on them :) and how fun is that elephant serving tray?! our curtains and living room rug are that turqouisey blue and i'm just now working on tying in some new colors. loving that antiquey mustardy yellow and deep dark chocolatey brown. oh! and the vanilla tea lights. those were fred's pick :) time to make some scones...with my new mixing bowls! det är den perfekta våren dagen idag! jag är förälskad <3

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venessa said...

i have to get me the serving tray!!!!!!
ikea, here i come!!!!