Saturday, April 11, 2009

just because.

early on in our relationship, fred had asked me if i liked flowers. what kind of crazy person doesn't like flowers?? but knowing that he was most likely wanting to know if he'd be obligated to buy them for me every tuesday for the rest of our lives, i probably downplayed my love for the oh so beautiful buds and said they were "alright"...only to discover that my tall swede would take that as definite dislike. in the 2.5 years we've been together, there have been 2 instances where he's brought me flowers: 1 being valentine's day (2 months after we started dating...technically still the "wooing" period) and 2 being one fine day in june 2007 (i have a photo tucked away in my files somewhere). as much as i would appreciate fresh flowers from my love every day, i have to admit that they DO mean so much when they arrive less often...and out of the blue! my super swede fred brought me these a few days ago...just because. i LOVE flowers!


Maria said...

I love flowers too, but Kevin almost never buys them. He knows I love them too. LOL! Oh well.

marianasoleil said...

they're beautiful! go Fred : )

we have an old pair of cowboy boots someone gave Chris and my plan is to find some flowers this week to put in them by our front door .... texas -style vase i guess : )