Friday, December 5, 2008

things like glass desks.

a fine photo of 'nurse recruiter me' 4 years ago (headset and glass desk close by) and my brother from another mother/former boss, rob.
Friday, May 14, 2004

Dear Friend,

So it's finally Friday. I'm sitting here at 8:26am in my office at National Medical Registry in San Clemente, CA. I come to work every day and face my 17-inch Dell computer that rests heavily on this glass desk that will soon be replaced by a wooden one from Office Furniture Unlimited. Apparently, it doesn't meet the health standards of the corporate administrative center we’ve recently become. Who knew? All I know is that I will miss the support of this glass surface I have come to love and appreciate, more than I thought possible. And I realized a few seconds ago as I wrote those last words that one can come to appreciate many things in this life…more than people, relationships, money. We can appreciate glass desks.

Be Real,

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