Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Dear Friend,

I've been sleepy this week. I woke up this morning at 933. When I looked at my clock I blinked twice and looked again in disbelief. Sure enough, those bold, black numbers weren't deceiving me. I'm not even sure what time I crashed last night...definitely before midnight. I can't remember the last time I needed that many hours of sleep. And you know me, I'm typically the 'in bed by 11, up by 6' kinda gal. By 930 I've usually done 2 loads of laundry, swept the floors, taken a shower, and milked 3 cows. This 930 business has GOT to stop. When I was working at Proud Mary's just over a year ago, I was up at 4, at work setting up patio tables, hoisting up umbrellas, and brewing coffee for fisherman by 430. I loved those early foggy mornings. Sleep is so weird anyway. It's amazing that we even need it. Every day we escape reality for so many hours...only to wake up and do it all over again the next day. Night after night, we invest so many hours into a block of time we never remember. It's terribly strange to me.

I made a cup of green tea (with honey) and got to work on some emails. I love the whole Gmail 'star' system. Every time an email comes in that I can't reply to right away, I 'star' it and then go back to my 'starred' file later to catch up on my correspondence. I'm realizing more and more as I write this what a freak I am about organization. Oh me, oh my.

Today was a 'to-do list' type of day. And I'm happy to say that my to-do list is now accompanied by many horizontal lines. I got a lot done. All of the Christmas and December birthday cards are on their way, courtesy of La Palma's correos. My airline ticket confirmations to go 'home' to Sweden next Monday have been printed, thanks to my Swede. The trash has been taken out and the plastic and wine bottles have been so greenly placed in the recycle bin. Mother Nature is smiling upon me right now, I feel it.

The rest of the afternoon's been so-so. It's a cloudy 64 degrees here on the little island and Frankie Laine is serenading me from the ipod speakers as I imagine what life was like in the late 1940's. Not an extraordinary day, but definitely one to be thankful for nonetheless.

And that I am.

Until mañana,

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