Thursday, December 4, 2008


i'm still reading through my old journal and it's brought back so many memories of home. it's also reassuring to know that, though i have grown and changed in ways to be expected, i am indeed the woman i was at heart years ago...

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Dear Friend,

One quarter of the book to go. I’m excited for what the remaining pages contain, but sad because soon my communion with Charlie will be over. Well, I guess not. This is a book that’s influence on my life will not stop when I turn the last page. When I think of it like that I am much happier. It’s been difficult for me to take a lunch break at an appropriate time these past few weeks. I have a fax to send, an e-mail to respond to, the phone rings, it’s an important call (they’re all “important” by the way), and before I know it people are shutting down their computers for the night.

Today was different. I made a point to taking my lunch right at 1 o’clock. I had some reading to do. I sat at the harbor again for about a half an hour. I parked in a space that really wasn’t a parking spot. It was the space between the handicapped spot and the regular spots. It was shady. I knew I would only be there for a short period of time. I parked to the left of an elderly couple in a forest green Saturn station wagon. They were each reading the paper. My passenger window was cracked and I heard the old woman say to her husband, “That’s not a parking spot.” I sort of smiled at her but I don’t think she saw. And it wasn’t a smart ass ‘I’m parking here because I get a thrill out of breaking the law’ sort of smile. It was an attempt to reassure her that I was not the offspring of a careless mother and father who neglected to raise a lady. She was too busy giving my car a dirty look. I felt a few things. First, I thought, “If she only knew that I was far from the being the defiant teenager she assumed me to be...and I was in fact, quite a lady.” And second, I thought, “What a bummer that something as insignificant as me parking in this spot has given this poor lady something to complain about.” I feel bad for people like this.

Still Smiling,
Jessie (I like my name)

i still like my name :)

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