Friday, December 5, 2008


Tuesday, May 3, 2004

Dear Friend,

If there were a song for this moment (other than the Jamaican one playing in the background of this Starbucks in San Juan Capistrano), the song would be Mr. Chatterbox by Bob Marley...except it would be Ms. Chatterbox. Sitting across from me about 30 feet is a girl about my age and her father. They are dressed nicely, as if they had this date night planned since last Tuesday. I couldn’t help but over hear them placing their orders a few minutes ago. The daughter was treating her father. I knew this warmed the heart of the lady behind the counter, and more than that it probably reassured her that there are indeed still wholesome young women in this world. And having heard her comment about reminding her two young boys that this upcoming Sunday is Mother’s Day, I figured she was somewhat concerned of the prospects for daughter in-laws. So, the two have been sitting in the corner across from me for about 15 minutes now. I think the father has said a total of 7 or 8 words, at separate times. He managed to squeeze in an “Oh?” “Wow, really?” “Yeah, you should go for that...” Maybe the fact that she bought his coffee entitled her to carry the entire conversation. I don’t know. The idea was sweet about 15 minutes ago. Father and daughter walk into Starbucks at around 8:30 on a warm Tuesday evening in May, daughter treats dad to trendy beverage he has no idea how to order (“Uh...I’ll have a medium coffee with one cream and two sugars...?”), daughter initiates and maintains entire conversation, and father sits quietly waiting for brief pauses in her speech where he can sneak in a word or two...a way to feel a part of this conversation she’s having with herself. Hey, at least he can now tell his buddies at the office that he’s experienced a Starbucks Grande Caramel Macchiato, while they sip their medium coffee with one cream and two sugars and listen in awe. At what price they ask? Absolute silence.

I went for the more traditional Hot Chocolate this evening. Not a big coffee drinker myself, not a coffee drinker at all actually. I go for coffee alternatives…teas, vanilla steamers and hot chocolates. The latter two are real delicacies. The tea is the jeans and t-shirt of the three.

Stay Cool,

at this moment: i am missing my local starbucks at home :(

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