Sunday, November 2, 2008

r & r.

fred and i have both been dying to visit one of the most talked about hotels here in la palma. when fred is home on the weekends, saturday is usually our only full day to venture out and this saturday was a perfect day to pay a little visit to 'la palma princess hotel.' we started the morning off at home with coffee and a fresh bowl of chopped pears, persimons, cactus fruit and bananas (probably la palma's second largest source of income...there are banana trees EVERYWHERE!). then we began our 30 minute drive south at around noon. we arrived, checked in, wandered around a bit by the pool(s) and ate lunch at a waterfront/island pizzeria in the middle of all the pools. the view was spectaular and the food just the same. we shared a pizza (naturally) and a tropical salad. fred had a cold beer and i had a nice glass of white wine. this was the perfect way to get in the mood for our massage that was scheduled about an hour later! we arrived at the spa, spent a few minutes in the sauna and then each had a full-body massage. let me tell you, if massages were free, i would get one (or two) every day. they might be one of the best investments a person can make. of course, i'm being 100% superficial right now and at this moment i'm not even taking myself seriously, but was nice! afterwards, we did 'the circuit' in the pool (ice bath, jacuzzi, high-pressured showers, etc.) and spent the last few minutes in the turkish bath and sauna. i think i speak for the both of us when i say that i felt like JELL-O when we walked out of that place. absolutely heavenly. we went back to our room, changed clothes and made our way to the lounge for a few drinks before dinner. dinner was a complimentary buffet in the dining hall and we both went bananas. the food was delicious! and of course, as most people do at a buffet, we ate far too much. and we did the same thing this morning at breakfast before we left. we laid out at the pool for a little while before it was time to check out, but a ginormous rain cloud took our sunshine away, so our hour of pool time was cut short. we packed our bag, checked out and made our way home. we took a new route through fuencaliente and enjoyed the plethera of lava rock and farming fields along the way. though the roads are windy here in little la palma, the view is always surprising and always breathtaking. a full day of r & r was just what we needed. now the diet begins!


E. Lindsey Hornkohl said...

What a life, eh? You guys will have to adopt like 4 orphans, volunteer every weekend for months, and give away half of your money to aids research to make up for the vacation that is your life! But if I know you, it's not that your life is so's that you take such joy in the simple things, a joy that is usually reserved for the jaw-dropping life of celebs and millionaires. Pears and sunny days and european cabinets are enough for you. I love this. I love it.

E. said...

Looks so gorgeous! Glad you had a nice time. When does your out-of-town guest arrive? Ours arrives today...and then we're off to Copenhagen tomorrow!

Talk to you soon, E.

Globetrottingbride said...

OMG this place sounds amazing! I am adding it to my "must visit" list.