Wednesday, November 26, 2008

quinoa w/ soy-glazed veggies & goat cheese.

i'm a huge fan of quinoa. i love the way it tastes a little nutty, i love the way it looks with those curly little grainy ends, and i love the way you could pretty much use it in any combination of things...even stuffed in sweet pears! yeah, i know. that's next on my list! quinoa is an excellent source of protein to boot (along with countless other nutritional benefits)! (1 cup = about 50% of your daily value!) this is great news for the vegetarian/nutrition conscious me. and also, that doesn't leave my tall baller much room to complain that he's not getting enough protein in our frequently veggie friendly meals :) where there's a will, there's a way.

last night, like most nights, i was in the mood for this delicious culinary friend of mine. i had several carrots in the fridge that definitely had been ignored for about a week or so now. so i peeled and sliced about 5 carrots and steamed them in hot water for a few minutes, just until al dente. i drained the water and set them aside. meanwhile, i chopped 1 red bell pepper and 1 red onion (tear!) and sauteed them in a few tablespoons of olive oil. when they were somewhat softened, i added the carrots to cook for a few minutes more. then came the mushrooms (about 20 mushrooms, quartered). as the mushrooms were absorbing a lot of the juice from the other veggies, i added a few generous shakes of soy sauce. i kept all of this going on medium-low heat while the quinoa was doing it's thing. another great thing about quinoa is that it only takes about 20 minutes to cook; just enough time to get the veggies in and out at the same time. i topped it all off with a handful or so of goat cheese cubes (the goat cheese here in la palma is a different consistency, though delicious! they are known for it, along with the mojo of the canarias!) as the veggies and quinoa were all mixed together, the goat cheese softened amidst the heat and was a perfect compliment to the soy and nutty quinoa.

to read up more on quinoa, go here: (my blog is weird and won't let me attach the 'clickable' link, so just copy and paste if you want to visit the site)


Maria said...

IIRC, quinoa is also a superfood for those that try to keep superfoods in their diet. I've been hesitant to try it, but I'm going to make the jump after this, because I want to make this recipe (minus the 'shrooms). :)

jen jacobs said...

OMG Jessica! How are you dear friend? I am thrilled to hear from you. JUST THRILLED! I want to catch up so email me with your info. As you can see from my is rolling along. I'm married, having a baby, live in Oregon, etc.