Tuesday, November 25, 2008

feliz navidad.

12€ is all it took to fabricate this little spanish christmas gem. here's the run down:

4.50 - 2 foot fraudulent christmas tree
2.75 - silver & red bulbs & star for the tippy top
4.75 - strand of 50 mini white lights

and the happiness it brings to our little casa - priceless.

funny how the most joy often comes out of the simplest of pleasures. life is surprising, indeed.


Maria said...

That's a great tree! You make it look like it costs 45Euro. ;)

heather said...

haha I bought bryan a mini tree, like, 1.5 feet tall mini two years ago, and can not wait to bring it out! He won't let me until after thanksgiving. Friday is the day!

E. Lindsey Hornkohl said...

I love it! It reminds me of our first tree: we got it for $16 at Target and when we set it up we didn't put the back branches on so it could go up against the wall in our little place. Now, we were also so excited about ours that we put it up right after Halloween! Now we have to restrain ourselves and wait until after Thanksgiving. Normally we do that with music too, but since Turkey day is so late this year, we busted out the Bing Crosby and Elvis crooning early. Our air is festive with these songs.

venessa said...

it is perfect....as are you!