Monday, November 24, 2008

carried away.

my sweetest momma sent me a crafty package a few weeks ago chock-full of yarn in 3 shades, knitting and crocheting needles, needlepoint thread and needles, buttons, a canvas tote bag...and even small cinnamon pine cones to make our apartment smell delicious! to top it all off, she even included 2 packages of nestle's hot cocoa (with mellows!) and a little bag of reeses pieces for fred and i to share. talk about the most wonderful momma...i tell ya...that woman is something else!

today's been sort of a rainy outside/stay inside kind of day. after i caught up on a few emails and tended to the laundry, i was feeling a bit crafty. i've also been feeling like i could use a new purse/bag on my pretty little shoulder ;) so...i decided i'd get out my needle and thread and go to town on my new tote bag! i set out with just the heart in mind and then got a little carried away with love... we so often do <3


heather said...

so adorable!! said...

That is amazing how you created such a darling bag out of the little that I sent, But if anyone can create
that is You.......LOVE It! LOVE It! Mom