Saturday, November 8, 2008


when fred and i first decided that we were moving to our apartment here in los cancajos, one of the main events we were looking forward to was bbq-ing on our new balcony. the incredible ocean view, the pool and garden below, the plastic table and chairs that were provided...we visualized it all. sitting there, sunset ahead, with our red rioja wine in hand, fred digging away at his grilled solomillo steak with gorgonzola sauce...and me and my grilled veggies and salmon filet...that dream alone was enough to get us to sign the papers the day we met apartment numero 36.

fast forward 3 weeks. our sweet little fire-engine red bbq stands solemnly in the corner of our balcony. we attempted to give it a trial run a week ago, but to no avail. the fire would just not light! fred was out there giving it his all, and no hope was in sight. he had the same report from a fellow teammate and discovered that the missing link was some sort of special lighter sticks. go spain. so after a week of rain, we bought them today when we were out and fred was determined to master the grill before the night was over! again, no success. this darn fire is bound to light at some point! apparently, just not on our watch. huge bummer. the skewers were ready to go and that juicy solomillo was quivering on the plate, waiting to meet (no pun intended) those toasty coals. only one thing: those coals were not so toasty.

we shrugged our shoulders, whined a little, and brought everything inside. i got the skillet(s) warmed up and things were up and running. we will not go to bed hungry, but we will go to bed with 'fire' in our hearts for the next time around! fred had his solomillo steak with gorgonzola, we both had these delicious vegetable skewers (marinated in a little bit o' soy sauce), and we enjoyed our rioja wine...but that dream will come true...sooner than later, we hope. oh little spanish grill, we have faith in you :)


Julie said...

I can't believe it won't lite! What a disappointment. Well, the skewers look great none the less!

heather said...

Ah the names we have yelled at our BBQ :) I (almost) have it down now. You will get it too. that steak with gorgonzola is making my mouth water :)

E. Lindsey Hornkohl said...

And to think...making fire was one of man's first accomplishments. No worries, Jess, one day you'll have your own brick oven and the little red bbq will be a long since conquered foe. I just know those skewers were lovely anyway.