Sunday, October 5, 2008

making due.

it's been eons since i've made good ol' standard chocolate chip cookies. so when fred requested them last week, i figured i better get my rear in gear and get to it! i was facing a bit of a dilemma though: 99% of chocolate chip cookie recipes call for baking soda...and that is one ingredient (among others) that little la palma is lacking. i'm not sure it's common in any part of spain come to think of it. i don't recall finding it when we lived in huelva 2 years ago either. anyway, i googled 'baking soda substitutes' and found that i could use baking powder and just double the amount! this was a glorious moment. i made a list of ingredients i needed and took a saturday stroll to the market. i came back with the rest of what i needed and got to making those sweet little cookies this morning. i followed the standard 'toll house' recipe from i know there are a gazillion other recipes out there and i just was at a loss as to which one to this time, i stuck with the original. i only had half the amount i needed in white all-purpose flour, so i used whole wheat flour for the other half. we don't have liquid vanilla extract here either, so i used a powder substitute i found at the natural foods store a few weeks ago. chocolate chips are also not a commonality here in spain, so i bought 2 large 70% cocoa chocolate bars, broke them into large chunks, tossed them into a ziploc bag and hacked away at them for about 10 minutes with a sturdy wooden spoon to get them into small enough pieces. even with all the little changes and substitutions here and there, the results were beautiful. my tall swede will be home in about 2 hours...and this plate will be waiting for him with a smile :)

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marianasoleil said...

dEeeeeelish! need us to send you some baking soda?