Wednesday, October 22, 2008

heather's quinoa recipe.

i found this recipe on heidi swanson's blog, 101 cookbooks, and it looked so good. go figure! her recipes are the best! our local market didn't have basil(i know!) or pesto, so i used la palma's signature cilantro mojo instead. i also substituted brown rice for the quinoa (we had quinoa the night before). the tomatoes, roasted in olive oil and brown sugar, were to die for! basically, this is what we ended up with: brown rice+tofu+spinach+corn+roasted brown sugared tomatoes+pumpkin seeds+cilantro mojo :)

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Julie said...

Wow Jessie, you've been busy! This recipe sounds really good, I just might have to try it soon! The tomatoes do sound delicious.