Wednesday, October 1, 2008

happy birthday to my nieces!

two of my six nieces have birthdays today! what are the chances?! i just wanted to wish them both happy happy days and big birthday blessings. hannah is 18 and angelina is 3...they are the sweetest peas in the pod as far as i'm concerned. i love them both so so much and cannot begin to express how much joy they've each brought into my life. they are both so beautiful, inside and out. hannah's been like my little sister...since i was 7 when she was born. she is so full of joy and shines like a star. angelina is the perkiest little one i know...she has so much spunk and energy and she just melts my heart whenever she opens her mouth. she is precious in all senses. i'm so glad they were born :) happy birthday to my sweet hannie and angeleenie bean. i am so grateful to be your aunt jessie.


Tooj said...

Those pics just make a person smile. :) They DO look like sweet girls....families are a great thing to have.

marianasoleil said...

thanks aunt jessie .... i love you tooo!!!

angelina soleil xoxoxoxoxo said...

Oh how seet of you Jessie to put those girls on your blog. I wonder if Hannah got to see it....I will tell Mo to tell Hannah to go, see and read.
Hannah votes this year.....yippie skippie