Wednesday, September 3, 2008


julie and i do an awful lot of recipe swapping. a few nights ago she told me about a recipe she found on a swedish site, elle mat & vin (elle food & wine). we've been loving the chanterelle mushrooms in sweden lately. well, i WAS before i left for la palma a few weeks ago. this recipe tonight was one of julie's recommendations: 'varm bulgur med kantareller och granatäpple'...which so beautifully translates into 'warm bulgur with chanterelles and pomegranate.' seeing as pretty little la palma is without those delicious chanterelles...i made due with great big button mushrooms. i had to make a few variations due to lack of the correct ingredients, but the dish was quite delectable nonetheless.

here's how it all went down: i cooked the bulgur in boiling water and a vegetable bouillon cube (which added an excellent amount of flavor!). when the bulgur was ready, i set it aside to keep warm and sautéed the sliced mushrooms and chopped shallots in a tad bit of butter. i seasoned those with a bit of salt and pepper and tossed them into the warm bulgur, along with a few handfuls of chopped pistachios, cilanto and a dash or two of thyme. once on the plate and ready to serve, i topped it all off with cubes of soft goat cheese (which is a bit different consistency here in la palma, but delicious just the same) and those sweet and crunchy pomegranate seeds.

i would for sure make this one again. so many flavors and textures and uber healthy to boot!

fred scale: 4 ('i'm stingy with my 5's, but this was too good to be a 4!')

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Julie said...

Hej Jessie! Jag är så glad att du tyckte om det! Men 4.5 på en skala 1-10!? Det var en 3.5 på Johan Skalan. Jag hoppas att Fred gillade det också! (det är svenskatimmen) Ha en bra dag, kompis! Vi hörs!