Monday, September 1, 2008


a few days ago when fred and i were walking around in santa cruz (la palma's capital which is about 5 minutes driving from san antonio, where we are), i spotted a 'biologico' (natural) foods store. i was in heaven! we were only in town for a short time that day, so i frantically grabbed some bulgur, barley and all-natural peanut butter for fred and promised myself i'd be back in less than a week. well, i am indeed a woman of my word. we were back there today and i loaded up...well, compared to my last visit...though i STILL have my eye on so many more things. i guess the beauty now is that i know this sweet little store is not going anywhere...and neither am i. we are well on our way to a beautiful friendship :) i took the picture above mostly for my dear 'swedican' (american living in sweden) friend, julie. i've been telling her about this store since i found it last week. she and i share the same passion for natural foods and it thrills us to no end to buy the sort of things you see above. today's purchases included: 2 bags quinoa (some of which i will use in a mecca azteca salad this week!), green lasagna noodles, baking powder (at last!), more of fred's new favorite crunchy peanut butter, tofu, OATLY créme fraiche alternative (p.s. OATLY products are from heaven! they are all made from oats and vegetable products and are naturally dairy free), pumpkin seeds (not pictured) and that wacky spaghetti measuring fork! i had the best time looking around at everything. and fred did too! reason #3,974 i know we're perfect for each other. this place is amazing, i tell you. it is perfectly tiny and has everything that makes my whole heart happy. the pretty little spanish girl that runs it is so in her niché and has done a fabulous job decorating and stocking the store. they also have a little section of handmade jewelry, handbags, summer dresses...and then a table full of cookware and utensils and teapots and beautiful things. they have pesto, tahini, nori, hummus, honeys, jams, sauces, spices, dried herbs, fresh baked BREAD! i can go on forever. i am a HUGE fan. this, my friends, is quite possibly the type of store i would love to have of my own someday. time reveals all. and dreams do indeed come true. and i am learning that life is serendipitous in more ways than i could ever imagine.

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Julie said...

Jessie! This store sounds so fun! That's something I haven't found in Uppsala. I'm so glad you've found it! You spaghetti-fork-who.knows.what looks so cool! I can't wait to hear how Fred and you liked the Mecca Azteca Salad. And I feel so privileged to be recognized in your blog! I know not everyone gets the honour!