Saturday, September 13, 2008


today was an all around 'feel good' sort of day. fred and i got an early start and were out the door and on the go by 1030...not bad for a saturday. we drove into santa cruz and parked near the post office (el correos). i had a handful of letters to send out since i started my new resolution last week: to write at least one friend or family member a card per day. we purchased stamps (sellos) and post cards (tarjetas postales) for me to write next week. our next mission was to find a yoga studio i had found an advertisement for. we paced back and forth the cobblestone streets of santa cruz trying to find it. along the way, we stopped in the church in plaza de españa, the heart of santa cruz. the church is called iglesia de el salvador. for some, this is known to be the best example of renaissance style in the canaries. i love old churches...i love the high ceilings...the steeples...the detail...the stained-glass. this one was beautiful. its tower, made of black volcanic stone, was built after the 1553 attack of the french pirate known as pata de palo, meaning 'wooden leg'. i jotted down the service times and we decided we'd come back sometime and check it out. we continued on our journey to find the yoga studio. alas! after trampling upon many embedded stones, we found ourselves standing right in front of 'centro om yoga'! there was a class in session, so we just tip-toed in and grabbed a schedule and price list. it was super clean and smelled of aromatic incense and had a definite calming aura...i was completely sold on it. the morning classes coordinate perfectly with the times that fred has training, so i'll start my first class on tuesday. i'm so excited! afterwards we stopped at a corner café for a beverage. fred had his iced coffee and i had my hot chocolate (chocolate caliente con nata). it was such a perfect time to relax and watch people pass by. a lot can be learned by observation. we saw an elderly lady fall while walking along the bumpy stones. the gentlemen sitting at the table closest to her immediately got out of his seat to help her up. the waiter even offered her a beverage from the restaurant while she sat and regained her strength. though she politely declined, in those 2 minutes i learned more about the art and necessity of kindness. i noticed a young spanish girl sitting with her family at the table behind us. they were all enjoying a cold beverage on this warm saturday afternoon. she wanted to say cheers (salut!) with everyone at the table and 'clink' their glass. i learned the joy of celebration. we walked a bit more through town and then made our way home. we spent the rest of our afternoon relaxing at home and goofing around online. fred took a siesta and studied spanish. i searched for a recipe online for tonight's dinner and continued doing everything that sums up what a saturday should all around 'feel good' sort of day.

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Julie said...

I'm so glad you found a yoga studio! That will be so fun! Erin and I went to a yoga class yesterday as part of culture night. Pretty funny to take a class in swedish! You'll definitely learn your spanish body parts well!