Friday, September 12, 2008


sometimes we need to be reminded of just how lucky we are to simply be be alive. the fact that any of us...that any THING exists is miraculous. anyone who begs to differ may not have had enough reminders in their life of it's fragility. we aren't as indisposable as we think.

the other day i was reminded, once again, of how every breath i take each day is a gift. of how the breaths that each of my friends and family...ones that i think of every day and ones that i think about every 3 weeks are all gifts that we accept without knowing and take for granted time after time. i do it more than i would like to admit. i take it all for granted. but times like this...serendipitous reminders...they help me to be a little more grateful for it all.

many of you are probably more familiar with the 'social networking website' we more commonly refer to as 'facebook' than you'd like to admit. for some of us, including myself, it's a lens through which we can see the happenings in the lives of our friends and family that we aren't close enough to meet with for coffee every day. the other day i noticed that a friend of mine made a short update on his status that he was 'a lucky guy.' he had left one the day before that mentioned something about an injury. i never took the time to see what all his comments were about. i finally just got too curious and had to see what he was referring to. on his profile page, many of his friends had left comments telling him to 'hang in there', 'praying for you', 'glad you're out of the hospital', 'glad your brain is functioning again'! this dated back to over 2 months ago. i immediately wrote and simply asked 'what happened?!?'. i felt so bad for being so out of the loop. i heard back from him today. this was his message:

'Long story...but I got hit by a DUI driver on 6/28, spent almost 2 months at Mission hospital with a brain injury, torn aorta, lacerated liver, ruptured spleen and bladder, collapsed lung, broken pelvis, two broken vertebrae, broken ribs, etc. etc. etc. Literally almost died...and am extremely lucky to have my brain functioning enough to be typing this comment. So anyway now I'm in full time therapy.'

a reminder? you bet. a reminder of so many things. of how much more grateful i need to be for my life, for my friend's and family's lives...and how important it is to be aware of what's happening in the lives of the people around you. keeping in touch is underrated. sometimes we just need a little reminder.

to all my friends and family, i love you. i am grateful for you and thinking of you right now...hoping you are all happy, healthy and safe and sound.

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