Friday, September 12, 2008

one lucky lady.

so fred and i have been together for almost 2 years now. we're newly engaged and so excited about spending the rest of our days together :) as many of you know, one of my favorite places to be is in the kitchen...widdling away and letting my creative juices flow. i've always enjoyed cooking and baking...but more so when i found a man who appreciates food and enjoys it as much as my swede does. he is an absolute JOY to cook for. he always says thank you, always takes an interest and asks what the ingredients are and hardly ever leaves an empty plate. well, as much as i love preparing meals day after day...i've been a bit curious to see if and when he might offer to do the same for me sometime. note to readers: dreams do come true. just last night fred told me not to worry about dinner tonight, as he was taking matters into his own hands. ladies and gentlemen, i am so glad he did. he blew my socks off and totally wowed me! if i hadn't already said 'yes' to his proposal, i would have said it tonight! the fact that he made a dish of mine that i had made for him during one of the first weeks we met ('chicken and pineapple') made it even more special. he said it has always been one of his favorites. i sent him the recipe shortly after i made it...and he's made it by himself a few times. i could tell he had some was a masterpiece. another note to readers: this dish is one who's photo does not do it justice. it tastes 10xs better than it looks. fred switched the recipe up a bit and added his personal touch, which i loved. he used wild rice instead of white...and pineapple AND peaches instead of just pineapple. he is one smart cookie in the kitchen. and i am one lucky lady.

jessie scale: strong 5!


heather said...

Not sure if I told you yet, but congrats on being engaged! Isn't it awesome?! I always heard people say they loved the feeling of being engaged and I never got it. Why would it feel any different? But oh boy does it! I don't think I can even put into words the feeling of knowing that you are both committed in love and friendship... such a great feeling! Congratulations! said...

such a nice table set for to you both