Friday, September 5, 2008


fred and i decided last week that we want to make the most of our time here in la palma and do all those touristy things that people who are here not living here come to do. (yay for run-on sentences). he read that there was a ZOO (!!) in santa cruz! note to readers: jessie loves the zoo, specifically monkeys at the zoo. fred had the afternoon off, so we took a little drive. he wasn't sure exactly where the zoo was, but we thought we'd just see if we might stumble across it. well, fred just happens to be the world's best stumbler. he is so good at finding things on the road. goodbye mapquest, hello fiancé! since we serendipitously ended up in the right place, it would have been silly not to go in, so we did. the friendly man behind the desk even gave us 'residence price' tickets because fred's basketball team won their practice games this last week. no joke. he said spanish. fred understood and laughed. i didn't understand and just took my ticket. THIS, my friends, is why i will be taking spanish lessons pronto! i am missing out for sure. back to the zoo! it was such a great experience and i'm so glad we went. i saw so many birds and fish and plants and 4-legged friends that i've never seen before. we were a little bit leery when it came to standing 3 feet from the 'sleeping' crocodile, but we made it out alive. favorite experience for fred and jessie: holding hands with the capuchin monkey.

life is an adventure if we allow it to be.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great day!!! Zoo and organic food stores :) Doesnt get much better than that!!!

Let's go back someday and rescue that monkey from his cage!! He can have the guest room for now. I'm sure he won't mind the small bed.