Sunday, September 28, 2008

the hollywood bowl.

so i've beeen LOVING my new 'native foods restaurant cookbook.' i believe it's from heaven. my swedican friend julie recommended it to me. they have four restaurants in CA and i can't believe i never spotted them. anyhow, the book is amazing and i know i'll be making at least one recipe from it every week. other than their basic tofu marinade (and the mecca azteca salad that i had the recipe for before the book), this was the first recipe i tried. fred loves thai peanut sauce on anything...and i needed to make something hearty as he had a game the next day, so when i found 'the hollywood bowl' i knew it was destiny. gotta love the little reminder of home too in the name...oh heart. the recipe called for brown rice, but i used barley instead. it was what we had in the cupboard...and fred's become a big fan of it these days anyway. i topped the barley with steamed mixed veggies and 'native foods' homemade thai peanut sauce (which, by the way, was so fun to make! roasted peanuts, soy sauce, grilled onion and garlic, coconut milk, maple syrup, vinegar...yum!). the recipe called for marinated tofu, but we had that the night before so fred requested chicken instead. i grilled a breast, sliced it and served it on top of his veggies. i could have very well had tofu again, but i decided to just go with veggies. topped with roasted peanuts and brunoise cut red peppers, this was delicious!

fred scale: 4.5 ('little less vinegar in the thai peanut sauce')

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