Friday, September 5, 2008

feeding the dream.

i've often thought about opening my own store someday. sometimes that store is a café, sometimes that store is a family diner, sometimes that store is a collection of all the things i love and find inspiring, tasty, beautiful and unique. lately i've been desiring the latter. after stumbling across that biológico store i've mentioned in previous posts, i can't help but dream of one day having a place just like it :) when i was getting my hair done yesterday, fred was outside wandering the streets and found another organic healthfood store! i couldn't believe it. i was so excited. we didn't have time to check it out at the time, so we came back today. it's called 'hierba buena' (meaning 'good grass'). i found a lot of the same products as that last store, and then some! i wrote down a lot of terms i didn't know and can't wait to look them up online tonight and see how i can use them at home. they had quite a selection of aromatherapy and all-natural beauty products as well. we didn't buy anything at hierba buena, but while we were waiting for all the shops to open up after siesta, we walked around town and spotted a store called 'aloe' that was destination numero dos. they, too, had a lot of the same line of products as the biológico store, but a lot of vitamins and health supplements that the other two didn't. they had a great selection of teas and coffees too. we left with OATLY milk alternative, tropical muesli, sugar-free strawberry jam, mild smoked veggie hot dogs, whole cane sugar, and quico (quinoa/lentil/carrot blend)! these are the moments and purchases that make me so happy. i am constantly amazed by my life and all that comes my way. i just feel so darn blessed. i am feeding the dream.

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