Wednesday, September 10, 2008

el granero.

one of my fabulous purchases at hierba buena on monday was these whole wheat pizza crusts. the brand name, el granero, means 'the barn' in english. i love that. i guess it just feels like a 'natural' sort of feels earthy...and i like the earth. i didn't have any ideas in mind when i bought the crusts...though i knew it wouldn't be hard to come up with something. a light went on when i found a jar of barbecue sauce in the cupboard. i had just bought some chicken too. note to readers: barbeque + chicken + pizza = a happy fred. i had everything i needed...except cilantro! blast! i was way bummed, as cilantro is indeed a key ingredient in bbq chicken pizza, but i figured i could make due with the fresh parsley i had on hand. so i decided that one pizza would be 'fred friendly', while the other was still TBD (to be decided). i was chatting with my swedican friend julie the night before last and she was talking dinner ideas as well. she mentioned that some of the fresh produce/fruit stands in uppsala have had asparagus for sale, so if she could find it again, she would be making asparagus soup for dinner...but if not, she was planning on making a pizza! well then, now we really got to talking! i asked her what she had in mind. she mentioned this no-fail super tasty cookbook she uses for great pizza ideas, the cheese board collective works. julie was planning on making one with roasted eggplant and red peppers (both of which i had in stock!). she gave me the basic rundown of how it's made, and i threw in a few tricks of my own. i didn't have the feta or mozzarella that julie's recipe called for, so i shredded some spanish goat cheese (which has a firmer consistency than the soft goat cheese most of us are familiar with). this flavor ended up being fantastic on both the roasted vegetable pizza and on the bbq chicken, according to fred. i sprinkled a thin layer of cheese on the whole wheat crust, then i grilled the eggplant in a few splashes of olive oil and set the 1/4 inch slices aside. the red peppers i had were already roasted and jarred, so i cut one big pepper in slices and arranged them on the pizza with the eggplant. i sprinkled a handful of left over chopped red onion from fred's bbq pizza on my veggie, along with a clove of crushed garlic. then came a bit more cheese, a few pinches of salt and a pinch or two of dried mixed herbs from my mother in-law's garden. the hint of rosemary was to die for. the pizzas only bake for about 10 minutes each and before you know it, dinner is by your side. we were so excited to dig into our pizzas that i almost forgot to take a picture for you all before they disappeared!

p.s. julie ended up making the pizza too :)

fred scale: 4 ('the crust was amazing! and the pizza in general was so good, but the over all flavor would have been better with the cilantro. parsley's just gotta different flavor')

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Julie said...

Your pizzas look delicious! What a good idea to make one of each. I'm glad you liked the vegetable one. It sounds really good with jared roasted red peppers and goat cheese! Maybe I'll have to switch it up a little next time!