Thursday, August 28, 2008

playa bonita.

today fred and i took a 5 minute drive down to the beach closest to us in san antonio, the area where we live. the beach is called playa de los cancajos, named after the community itself. it's the second largest community on the island and it started to become a tourist attraction almost 30 years ago when they began building the island's first hotels in this area. the town is filled with apartments and hotels that line the coast, and restaurants and shops to keep the community hopping. the beach is quite small, in comparison to those that i am used to in southern california, but it is beautiful, clean and quaint. la palma is a volcanic island, as are the other 6 canary islands, so the sand is black and the rocks in the water (and those that are used to build walls along buildings and paths) are all black lava rocks. it's such a pretty contrast with the bright blue water.
after we got an ice cream, we stopped in the tourist office to ask about any job opportunities that might be available for me, the non-spanish speaking american, haha. the guy was nice...and honest. he showed us a website that we can refer to for job listings, but said that tourist season is winding down right now for the summer...and will probably pick up again in november. so we will see! but until then, i have decided (along with fred's encouraging) to learn spanish! i will for sure keep up my swedish as well! today is my first day with spanish. i found a link online to help me with the basic phrases and such...then i will move on to fred's spanish grammar books. he has learned quite a bit over the past few years (having played 3 years in spain already), so i'm lucky to have a live-in tutor :) we'll see how it goes! here is my sentence for the day: 'la carta es para concha.' translation: 'the letter is for concha.' always good to know.

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