Wednesday, August 6, 2008


sometimes when we are exposed to so much of something we aren’t used to…and all at once, we need time to let it soak in. as a woman who finds herself in the kitchen quite frequently, i find a comparison with that of sifting flour. if you pour too much flour in the sifter all at once, you need time to let it sift through slowly…a little at a time. or as with tea, after you pour the hot water over the tea, it’s only best when you let it seep for a while. as with our hearts, venessa and i needed a day to let things seep in. we had planned to visit the baby haven yesterday morning, but when the afternoon came, we both felt that a day off might be better. venessa felt that maybe we were both a little depressed. i, being the uber optimist, thought that maybe we were just ‘drained’. either way, our hearts were heavy. though we’ve been to the haven every day to bring these children comfort and love, we leave every day feeling that it’s simply not enough. i guess it’s in our human nature to be more impressed with physical results…ones that we can see. maybe if we were to paint a wall or build a shelf we would feel like we were actually offering something of ourselves. but each day we return, the walls are the same and the babies are still sick and without hope beyond these next few years. we haven’t done anything to change their situation. we’d like to be there to walk them to school or make them lunch…but the truth is, they already have that. they have someone to fill those roles. the role we are filling, providing arms to hold them, lips to kiss them, words to comfort them…that is what they are lacking. when we thought about this, we felt that maybe our time here is not in vain after all. we are all created with a different purpose and abilities. some of us have money to donate, hands and equipment to build, tools to teach…and some of us simply have hearts to love and time to offer. that is why we are here. our offering is our love and our time.


Melinda said...

"hearts to love and time to offer"

Beautiful. I know I only know stories of you from Venessa, but as one of her best friends thanks for going, and breathing new life in her even before you arrived.

I am so excited for the journey both of you are on. I am so glad that you took a day to rest. "You can't be effective with people with out being Away from People" Even as the two of you do have so much love to grace babies, young girls, children and the people there, a day to "seep & sift" is beautiful and well deserved.

I am in awe and Pray for you guys daily.

Love Melinda

Jan said...

Hi Jessie, I am so pleased that you are there making a difference to the little ones. God bless them and God bless you for giving them lots of hugs and smiles and caring from your heart.........big hearts are always filled with love and you have that for everyone.

Each day may seem routine by now but one thing is certain your routine makes others feel so much comfort.
Love Mom