Saturday, August 16, 2008

in the stillness.

so i've been meaning to catch up on my blog and share with you all a little bit about the week venessa and i shared in ondangwa. we arrived home on wednesday and though it felt glorious to be clean again, take a shower, wash clothes and rejoin the comforts of home...i miss that place. i miss the dirt on my feet, the ink drawings on my arms, the chai tea maggie made us every morning, her 'super dad' mug, the white sand, the hearts that taught me the meaning of living and loving, the eyes that gave me a deeper understanding of JOY and HOPE. there really are NO words that can sum up all that i brought home with me in my heart. but above is what i came up with in my quiet moments last week.

just a little background information...we stayed with a 'family' of 3 young girls. maggie (20), her sister josephine (16) and their niece ndamangululwa (6). they live 4 hours from the village where they were raised, where their parents still live, all so they can be near a school so they can learn. they have a passion for learning like i've never seen before. they stay up in the wee hours and read (the same materials) by candlelight...every night. little ndamangululwa's father died of AIDS and her mother (maggie and josephine's sister) is infected. she lives and works in windhoek, the capital (9 hours south), but was admitted to the hospital during our stay (maggie received a message while we were there). she is usually able to visit the girls every 3 months or so, but it is never discussed each time she leaves as to when she will come again. sometimes there are things that are better off not knowing. these 3 girls are earthbound angels. they have hearts that are far too big for their bodies. venessa and i are so blessed to now call them 'sisters' in our hearts.

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