Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hola la palma.

so today is my first full day on the island of la palma, our new home in the canary islands. while i was in africa, fred got an offer to play here this year, and he took it. he was gone before i arrived home to sweden. he's been wanting to play out in europe again after being home in uppsala last year. this offer came so fast and it was nearing the end of the summer, so he was thankful for the opportunity. as for me, i am happy to be wherever he is, unabashedly cheering him on. uppsala has become home to me over the past year though. there was never one thing that i didn't like or enjoy about living there. i fell in love with the friends and family i met, the beauty, the culture, the language, the food...everything. i quickly got used to the 'colder than san clemente' temperatures and life was indeed swede. but life is also surprising. we don't always end up where we expect, with whom we expect, doing what we expect. these past 2 years have proven all of those to me...at a rapid pace. in no way am i where i thought i would be, with whom i thought i would be, doing what i thought i would be doing...and as much as i miss certain comforts of home (both in san clemente and in uppsala) i wouldn't change it for the world. life is about challenge...about growth...about learning and discovering. it's also about loving...and that is what i feel i am doing here in la palma. more than any reason for myself, i am here to support fred. as much as this was his desire to be here, that desire came more from a professional and financial ambition. everything about the social atmosphere at home in uppsala was comfortable...and a lot of that is what we both miss when we're away. but if we do this together, we're not alone. if i am here to support him in this transition...and he is here to support me, i'm pretty sure we'll be ok.

we were talking today about some things i could get involved in. i don't want to sit home all day while fred's at practice for 2 and 1/2 hours in the morning and the evening. so i'm going to be sure i go with him a few times a week and swim or run laps at the pool or track where he practices. i also really want to work! i'm hoping to find somewhere that needs an english speaking person...maybe some place touristy? english isn't very common anywhere in spain, so in that way i'm sort of out of luck...but maybe being here on an island, with a possibility of more tourists, i might be able to find something. who knows? that is what i am hoping. now i have to begin the search! if not, i thought i could look for something to do online. i still would love to keep selling my cards (so all you readers keep that in mind and send me your requests!). i think back to how happy i was working at proud mary's a few years ago. i just loved being a waitress...i was totally in my niche. working in a place where i knew and understood the people and loved what i did...that is something i would love to find again. i know the good Lord has a time and season for everything...so i pray i have the eyes to see what He has for this season of my life.

as for la palma! it's been a great experience so far...and it's only day 2! yesterday i arrived in the morning, right before fred left for practice. i spent the late morning unpacking, sweeping, mopping, getting organized...just making things feel like home. i can never really settle in until i do all those things that make my mind rest a bit easier. when fred came home, we headed out to a few stores to get a few things for the house. we needed a lot of little necessities (i.e. trash cans, hand towels, floor mats, batteries, etc.). we grabbed some spanish take-out from a place fred's been frequenting on our way home. lunch was paella, pimientos rellenos de bacalao, and croquetas de bacalao. it was so fun to eat spanish food again. though it's not my favorite, there were things i've missed since we lived in huelva two seasons ago. i took some pictures of our place yesterday evening when fred was at practice. that's what you see above. it's really nice to be close to the ocean again...i've missed the salty smell in the air and wide open blue. so different from home, yet a sweet reminder. today we drove into santa cruz, the capital of la palma. we live about 5-10 minutes away. we walked along the main shopping street (which isn't all that much...but i love the cobblestone roads and all the trees and old buildings) and then we stopped for lunch at a little café. fred and i shared our usual ensalada mixta and we each got a bocadillo (small sandwich on a baguette). mine was with smoked goat and manchego cheese. so good! we walked around a little more and i spotted a natural foods store! it was super small, but they had a lot of things i know i will go back for. we left with bulgur, barley and organic peanut butter. i've been so excited to get back in the kitchen. i bought a cookbook in sweden before i left that was recommended to me by a friend. i love it! it's called 'klaras goda GI-dagar'...and it's all about foods and meals that have a good GI...which is what fred is all about...and me too! the cookbook has a 6 week lunch and dinner menu plan. i really want to see if i can follow it and make all the meals (these are the sort of things that excite me, haha). so tonight i will walk to the market when fred is gone at practice and i will buy all the things i need for dinner tonight and lunch and dinner tomorrow. i just finished writing my list and looking up all the ingredients in spanish. i will have this down in no time, i am sure, haha. wishful thinking, but we'll see! i'll try to get some pictures up for all of you to see too...as grandma says, 'every plate is a picture'...

ok, time to fold that laundry and make some rooibos tea. grandes abrazos cálidos de la palma!

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Julie said...

Jessie! Reading your blog makes me miss you more! You are so eloquent, such a good writer! I hope it starts to feel like home there really soon!